Hope For Tomorrow Mentoring


Hope for Tomorrow began conceptually in 1997 when two Minneapolis based business women discussed volunteer community work and both felt they were not really making a difference. The conversation turned to children, noting that not all young adults have the same opportunities that they had been fortunate enough to provide for their own children.

These successful women truly believed that they might make a difference in a young person’s life. They understood that mentoring had been personally helpful to them in their lives and careers and noted they had mentored others, so why not bring the same concepts to a young person. They were convinced that becoming a positive force in a young person’s life can make a difference in what direction that young person will take towards their future.

These two women used their contacts in the community to brainstorm the vision into a reality. The program began at Valley View Middle School in Bloomington, MN. The idea is that successful women are paired with young women with potential, identified by the schools, to form a trusted bond through out the school year. The young women learn to dream and set goals to achieve the dreams, develop greater public speaking confidence, and are not only introduced to a corporate visit offsite, but also a local college. Many of the young women will be the first in their household to consider college. The use of a Roadmap is evident, noting that not all journeys are straight lines.

In 2005 a second chapter of Hope for Tomorrow began in Burnsville, Minnesota . A definitive “Program and Facilitator Handbook” was developed.  These tools, in conjunction with the knowledge and experiences of the Mentors and Mentees, partnering with the school systems, have turned the vision of HOPE into a reality today.

In 2007, a second school in Burnsville began another Hope for Tomorrow program and a mentoring training program specifically for Hope for Tomorrow was established.

In 2008, four new schools in Minnesota will start the Hope for Tomorrow program. These schools are in Apple Valley/Eagan, White Bear Lake, Eden Prairie and a second chapter in Bloomington.

Also in 2008, another vision and passion evolved with the starting of the first Hope for Tomorrow Chapter for Boys.  This pioneer group started at Nicollet Junior High School in Burnsville , MN .

Hope for Tomorrow is never ending, and the passion will continue to grow..!

“Hope for Tomorrow Mentoring .”