Hope For Tomorrow Mentoring

Quips from Hope For Tomorrow Mentees and Mentors

“I liked having someone there to talk to but not having that person act like another parent, more as a friend.”

“We both understood each other. She could relate to my life and I could relate to hers.’

I liked it most when we met (mentors) and they shared their stories and helped us kids want to do more with our lives. Kids want to do more!”

“It’s amazing what one session can do and amazing what not even 12 months can do! I never trusted anyone but my mentor opened up and shared her real thoughts with me. She believes in me and I don’t want to disappoint her or me in the future.”

“Hope for Tomorrow showed me that I don’t just need people who are going to bring me down. It showed me that I don’t always need to be around other people to make me smile, I learned I can do that for myself”

“The year was all about having confidence in yourself and working hard, I think I’m more confident and I have dreams and goals.”

“Hope for Tomorrow has helped me to think before I make a choice and think about what the consequences might be”

“You will never know how much you helped my granddaughter, she talks about you all of the time” testimonial from a grandmother and guardian of a Hope for Tomorrow mentee.

When the mentees were asked to what changes they would suggest?

“Standing up and presenting/sharing my ideas, but it
definitely helped me!”

“That we only met once a month, I wish we had it more so I could get to know my mentor even more.”

“I wouldn’t change the program for the world!”

And from our Mentors…………………

“I was a bit surprised at how quickly I started looking forward to our monthly meetings! Throughout the year, I was always worried that I wasn’t reaching my mentee, but during our last get-together, she handed me an intricate handmade basket full of notes and candy and was sure to hug me tightly – twice. It’s so wonderful to think I’ve helped a beautiful young woman on her journey through life, even if all I gave her was a little much-needed encouragement.”
Heather L. Voorhees
Regional Editor, Metropolitan Media Group

“What a joy it is to see the young ladies in the Hope for Tomorrow program blossom during the year. It feels good to make a difference in a young person’s life and watch them realize their potential. Wish there had been a group like Hope for Tomorrow when I was a young girl.”
Diane Hagler

I’ve been mentoring with Hope for Tomorrow for nine years now and I can’t imagine not doing so. In the beginning each of us is motivated to mentor for different reasons however, I think it’s safe to say that we share the common desire to plant positive seeds in these young women and watch them grow throughout the school year and beyond, and we do! When I was young I was blessed with many female mentors, my mom, grandmother, aunts and great aunts, all wonderful examples of well rounded successful women. Today, many young women don’t have those connections either because of geographic separation or other circumstances. With each mentee I hope to be that extra person, assuring her that she can be whatever she wants to be if she is willing to work hard, make good choices and apply herself to her goals. When I started with this mentoring program I had the desire to give something and I feel I do, however, I leave every session feeling I get more than I give. I know we can and do make a difference in the lives of our young mentees and I continue to be excited about Hope for Tomorrow and its future.
Ginny Beckett

I so believe we are truly making a difference in many young women’s lives and in our own also. Sharing in each others dreams and goals enables us to have a meaningful connection and provide lots of HOPE. If I could….. I would go around the world establishing more HFT groups as this is a true passion of mine – growth and choices for the young girls of today and future leaders of tomorrow!
Darlene Miller
Permac Industries
Burnsville Mn

“Hope for Tomorrow Mentoring .”